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Ben Nye CK Series Makeup Special Effect Wheels
These makeup wheels are one of our favorites!
Every color in one place for "effect-specific" wounds, burns, abrasion and character makeup. Making wounds and burns is so easy and so fun when it is all there!
The way to use this wheel is with a stipple sponge then spread lightly with a latex sponge.
Set your makeup with Neutral Setting Powder
F/X Color Wheels
  • Model: CK SERIES

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Available Colors

CK-1 Bruises

EW-1 Bruises - Professional Wheel 1oz.

CK-3 Cuts & Bruises

EW-3 Cuts & Bruises - Professional Wheel 1oz.

CK-4 Bruise & Abrasions

EW-41 Bruise & Abrasions - Professional Wheel 1oz.

CK-5 Burns & Blisters

EW-5 Burns & Blisters - Professional Wheel 1oz.

EW-7 Trauma Simulation 3 Colors 1oz.

CK-7 Age Stipple

EW-9 Bald Cap Stipple 4 Colors 1oz.

CK-9 Severe Exposure

CK-11 Old Character

CK-15 Camouflage

KW Camouflage Wheel - Professional Wheel 1oz.

RB Red White & Black 3 Colors 1oz.

RW Rainbow Wheel 6 Colors 1oz.

DW Death Wheel 6 Colors 1oz.

MW Monster Wheel 6 Colors 1oz.

MDW Master Disaster Wheel 1oz.

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Currently Viewing Product 22 of 26

Fantasyland; 1998