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Ben Nye Makeup Colored makeup pencils
For intricate designs, outline, and details.
Draw to your hearts content on face, arms, legs, chest or anything else!
MC-1 BLACK .04 OZ, MC-10 (On Sale!)SEA GREEN .04 OZ, MC-11 (On Sale!)BRIGHT ORANGE .04 OZ,MC-12 HOT PINK .04 OZ, MC-13 GREY .04 OZ, MC-14 (On Sale!)WARM BROWN .04OZ, MC-15 CHARACTER SHADOW .04 OZ, MC-16 ULTRALITE .04OZ, MC-17 (On Sale!)TEAL .04OZ, MC-18 MISTY VIOLET .04 OZ, MC-19 COSMIC BLUE .04 OZ, MC-2 FIRE RED .04OZ, MC-20 TURQUOISE .04 OZ, MC-21 MARIGOLD .04 OZ, MC-22 LIME .04 OZ, MC-23 KELLY .04 OZ, MC-23 KELLY .04 OZ, MC-3 RUBY RED .04 OZ, MC-4 WHITE.04 OZ, MC-5 BLUE .04 OZ, MC-6 GREEN, MC-7 YELLOW .04 OZ, MC-7 YELLOW .04 OZ,MC-8 VIOLET .04 OZ, MC-9 MAGENTA .04 OZ

Bright colors in pressed powder by Ben Nye
  • Model: MC SERIES

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Currently Viewing Product 16 of 34

Fantasyland; 1998