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Ben Nye Makeup Face Powders to set your face makeup.
Neutral Set Powder, Super White Powder, Fair Translucent Setting Powder.
Setting your makeup will matte finish it, keep it clean,
crisp and clear without color bleed, and has an anti-prespirant quality built in.
Neutral Setting Powder is probably the most versatile!
Neutral Setting Powder is for bright colors including black.
Super White for setting your white makeup and making it a bit whiter!
Fair Translucent for natural face colors.
Charcoal is to simulate a burned surface. Think Freddie Kruger.
Plains Dust is to make you look dirty like a Cave Person.
Ash Powder is to give you that ashen sick look. Great for Zombies!
MINI POWDER color chart
Neutral Set MP-2 Mini, TP-5 1.75 oz., TP-6 3 oz., TP-61 8 oz.
  • Model: MP/TP SERIES

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Currently Viewing Product 11 of 13

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