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Ben Nye Makeup Professional Bald caps for those who wish to look bald.
Woochie brand bald caps are the best to use of all of the ones that we have tried.
Comes with instructions. When doing a bald cap,
use a good bald cap like Woochie.

Here are some quick instructions. Gently pull your Bald Cap onto your head. Mark where your ears are. Cut that area out. Your hair needs to be flat for it to look right. If your hair is long then you must slick it back, pull any that is below the back hairline back up on top of your hair and slick that into place. Put your Bald Cap back on, pulling it down tight. Trim away any that is more than 1" from your hairline. Using #SG-2 Spirit Gum, go around the edge of your Bald Cap in 2" lengths, brushing the Spirit Gum on, allow about 1 minute to get tacky, press the Bald Cap down. Hold. Keep going all of the way around. Once you are done, go over your edges with a light layer of #LL-2 Liquid Latex. Voila, you are done. Another person will make this process go faster.

For normal skin tone colors, see the
Bald Cap Stipple Wheel.
Don't forget to powder with Neutral Set Powder or it will smudge.
Bald Cap Stipple Wheel #EW-9.
Includes: CL-21 Peacock Blue, CL-25 Steel Grey,
FX-13 Capillary Stipple, MY-2 Mellow Yellow Normal.
Use a Stipple Sponge to get a variegated color.
Setting powder Neutral Set to set the color.
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Currently Viewing Product 31 of 31

Fantasyland; 1998