Costumes for Christmas!

Elizabethan Bodices

Bodices give you 2 more inches to your cleavage!


I love Halloween. Costumes for Christmas presents! And what better Christmas present than one you can use every year. My husband’s Mom “Witches out” for Halloween but always complains that her home-made warts fall off, so for Christmas I’m getting her Liquid Latex from Ben Nye and Spirit Gum Remover, so she can make her own warts and they won’t fall off! I’m so excited! I love Christmas!

Spirit Gum and Remover

Liquid Latex

My friends love to go to the Renaissance Faire and love to dress up! But you should see the bodice that she keeps trying to wear! She falls inside, therefore she has no cleavage! Aaawww! So for Christmas I purchased a Lady & The Fool Bodice which lasts forever, is reversible (in case you spill Ale on it) and boned to provide the most important part! Cleavage!!! Lady & The Fool bodices have been made for over 26 years! Refined until the bodice is comfortable, provides the correct silhouette. Which means Cleavage!!! Made to take 1″ off of the waist and add 2″ to the bust. Now what gym can offer my friend that?

Women’s Renaissance Bodices