Quick Kitty Eye Makeup


Halloween cat makeup

Cute and easy kitty makeup DIY

This Kitty makeup is so easy to do! Using

Ben Nye Makeup

all you need is some Creme Color Liners black CL-29, and CL-3 green color liners. A little white CL-1 would be good for some eye eyelights. And some Neutral Setting Powder for makeup #MP-2 with a Velour Powder Puff VP-1 to set everything into place. Use brush DB-12 or another wide brush to brush the black color liner onto the eyebrow and bring it over your lid and down. Use a small brush like DB-8 to paint the kitty head. Leave room for the eyes. Powder with the Neutral Setting Powder. With a small brush like FDB-9 paint the eyes with the green color liner. If you wish to highlight with white, then do not paint the eyes a solid green. Powder. Add white highlight and powder again. The yarn string is glued on with SG-1 Spirit Gum Adhesive. Remove the adhesive with GR-1 Remover

Kitty eye Makeup

Make Quick Egyptian Hats

Cleopatra / Pharoah Headdress

How to make an Egyptian Pharoah hat

Egyptian Pharoah Headdress, Cleopatra / Pharoah Headdress

How to make an Egyptian Wig

Cleopatra Hair

How to make an Egyptian Nefertiti Hat

DIY Nefertiti Headdress

How to make an Egyptian Queen Headdress

DIY for Elaborate Cleopatra Headdress

Pharoah Headdress

2 yds striped fabric with a symbol attached to the front forehead. The pic only used 1/5 yds. It needed a bit more length. Cut in an oval 2 yds long by 20″ wide. Find center and make a back seam for your head. Attach your snake.

Pharoah or Queen

This actually could be done with a braided wig. Easy and efficient.

Queen Nefertiti

Use a stiff fabric or attach a stiff fabric to your decorative fabric. About 20″ high by your head measurement. Then attach symbols.

Pharoah or Queen

This one could be achieved by making a formed base to attach to a braid wig. Your base could be a broadcloth or twill. Make it long enough to have room to glue the wig on. Glue beads onto the top of the base. Attach symbols.

Need snakes to add to your headdresses? Want to make other Easy DIY hats in other periods?

Easy DIY 1890’s costume!


1890 costumes are also popular for doing Steampunk costuming. So whether you wish something period or a twist, here is a simple idea.

There is this 1980’s dress that we found in the shop. What caught our eye was the sleeves. They are Mutton sleeves like on the 1890’s dresses. And it buttons up the front like so many of the 1890 bodices. So what if we turned this into an 1890’s costume? It would be easy enough. Here is what it looks like now.

1980’s vintage dress

Vintage 1980 dress

Turn this 1980 2-piece set into an 1890’s costume

The top could remain the same. The skirt can be gathered at each side and pulled up to make a front and back drape. Looking similar to the styles below.

Look at the Burgundy overdrape.
1890’s evening dress
1890's Evening costume

Next you can see the overdrape on the Can-Can costume.
Gorgeous Can-Can costume

Western Saloon Girl Costume

Gorgeous Can Can costume

And on this Burgundy Plus size 1890’s you can see the overdrape.
1890’s costume Plus size

Burgundy 1890 costume

Lush Burgundy plus size 1890’s costume

Now add an underskirt to match. Maybe a soft grey solid fabric. This can simply be a full skirt with a waistband, either gathered in or pleated like the picture.

1890 underskirt

Long full skirt with pleats

You can also make a little jaunty hat to match in a soft dove grey by using this hat frame.
Hat form for 1890’s and Renaissance.

Renaissance Tall hat frame

1890 or Renaissance Hat frame.

Make it look awesome like this one!


1890’s hat. Covered using our hat frame.

Now you have a new 1890’s dress and hat for under $100.00


DIY Sugar Skull Makeup, Pretty Halloween Makeup

                                    DIY Sugar Skull Makeup Instructions

DIY makeup instructions

Dia de los Muertos

 I love the colors in this Sugar Skull makeup! If I am going to be a skull, I want to be a pretty one! These Sugar Skull makeup designs for Dia de los Muertos are almost always elaborate. Beautiful designs, scroll work, flowers and all things beautiful! Dia de los Muertos is a day of honoring the dead. The day after All Hallows Eve is Dia de los Muertos, when the dead only have a thin veil between them and the living. So follow the DIY Sugar Skull Makeup instructions below.To achieve this Sugar Skull design: Using a dampened #LF-1 Latex sponge apply #PC-1 White Cake to the face. Leave around the eyes, nose and tip of the chin open. Pat it out to eliminate lines. Powder with #MP-2 Neutral setting powder using a #VP-1 Velour Powder Puff. For the eyes and tip of the chin, use #LU_16 Lumiere Grande Colour and #FB-12 Flat Brush. Powder again. Now for the blue around the eyes, use #FDB-9 Fine Detail Brush and #LU-12 Cosmic Blue Lumiere Grande Colour. Powder. For the green leaves, use #LU-10 Jade Lumiere Grande Colour and the Fine Detail Brush. Powder. Now for the black. The Flat Brush and #PC-23 Black will be good for the nose. Powder. Now for all of the black outlines, spider webs, and mouth – use your black and the Fine Detail Brush. Powder everything again. Now you just need your Hydrangea!
Pretty Sugar Skull Makeup
Sugar Skull Makeup

1860 Dress repair

1860 Dress repair

What do you do when the fabric rots?

Our 1860 Civil War replica dress was made in the 1960’s. We would like to preserve it since it was made by the owner’s Great Aunt who belonged to the United Daughters of the Confederacy. Unfortunately the fabric in the underarms was rotting away. This is a hard fix! We marked the area in the picture below with squares.

1860 Dress repair, Southern Belle sleeves

Rot under arm of sleeves from perspiration.

The damage was so bad that you could not just take a larger seam and cut the bad stuff
away. So what shall we do to save this dress??? Well first, some research for different sleeve ideas for the 1860’s. The best option was a sleeve cap and the red satin
sleeves would puff out the bottom. So we ripped out the sleeves.

Repairing sleeve rot, 1860 Dress repair

Southern Belle Civil War era dress repair

Then we darned the red sleeve’s damaged section as shown below so it would hopefully hold.

1860 Dress repair, fixing large holes

darnstitch2 Darning the holes. The first set of lines done with your feed dogs lowered. Next picture is of the second stitching lines also with your feed dogs down. Follow the grain of the fabric. It’s like re-weaving the fabric together. Do several times

We found some black velvet and cut sleeve caps as shown below.

1860 sleeve pattern, 1860 Dress repair

Fixing the Civil War dress

Stitch the black velvet sleeve cap underarm seam and hem the bottom. Then it was time to add it all together. We stitched the black sleeve cap and the red satin sleeve together. Then stitched it to the dress.

Civil War Women's costume, 1860 Dress repair

Red satin Civil War dress

Not too bad!

DIY Makeup for a Unique Halloween Look

Unique Halloween Makeup

Feeling a little cracked today?? Some days I feel that way! In fact today would count as one of those!

But what if you just wanted to look like a cracked egg? I don’t know, for Halloween makeup maybe?

DIY makeup instructions

Cracked Egg makeup for fun, Halloween, Easter.

Outline where the face shell will be using #EL-1 Black liner by dampening your brush. Now fill the face using #PC-1 Pancake White, on a damp latex sponge and spread on. Pat lines out. Powder with #TP-7 Super White and a Powder Puff. For the cracks, eyebrows and the eyes use #EL-1 Black liner by dampening your brush. Set the Black with Neutral Set #TP-5 and the Powder Puff.

Fun Makeup

DIY makeup instructions for The Cracked Egg Eyes.

Use Lumiere Grande Colour Ben Nye Makeup for the color shading. Apply with a Latex Sponge. When using highly pigmented makeup, just dab a bit onto the sponge. Don’t glob! Wipe on, pat when done to even out as you do each color.

Hand colors: #LU-155 Cherry Red, blend to #LU-15 Persimmon, fade to #LU-6 Sun Yellow.

Cracked Egg Makeup

DIY makeup instructions for The Cracked Egg Hands.

Eye colors, use #LU-6 Sun Yellow, blend to #LU-8 Chartreuse Green, then #LU-12 Cosmic Blue.  Set with Neutral Set #TP-5 after blending only.

Final Spray Seal with #FY-8 when you are happy with your work. This will seal the makeup. Use #HW-3 Hair White for your hair.

Fun Makeup

DIY makeup instructions for The Cracked Egg Eyes.

Peeled Egg Makeup with bright colors underneath.
Have fun!

#halloweenmakeup #crackedeggmakeup

Best Halloween Decoration DIY

Dead Wedding Cake!It’s a wedding cake fit for the undead!
Wedding Cake for Halloween
I saw one of these cakes at a Halloween trade show and they wouldn’t sell it to me! Darn!! That must have been 15 years ago! And it has never left my mind as something that I want to make some day. Well that day has arrived! At JoAnne’s Fabrics I found round styrofoam disks that looked like it would work for the cake layers. They also have wedding cake toppers. So I picked up one of them too.

The first step was to stack them into the wedding cake shape to see exactly where I wanted them to sit. Once that had been decided, I took white wall spackle and put it in between the layers to hold them in place.

How to make a Halloween CakeThis is starting to look really fun!! Next I frosted the cake with the white spackle. Thin the spackle down if you need to.

Use wall spackle to frost the cake
Kind of looks like frosting!

DIY Make your own Halloween cake

Frosting made with wall spackle

Once the “frosting” dried, I gently picked it up and put it onto a round cardboard disk covered in aluminium foil so it could be easily transported. Plus it looked like a cake that you would pick up at the bakery. Now was the decorating part. I tried regular frosting with a heavy dose of black dye for the frosting decoration. I pretty much knew that was only going to give me grey. Which is exactly what it did! I wanted pure black trim and it had to be thin enough to go thru the decorating tube and tip.Next I tried to dye the spackle black by using food coloring. And I added some water to thin it down. Well, did that give me black? No! All right, fine! Give me some black paint! Now a word of caution here. Put something under your work, unlike me!! I lucked out in not making a mess on the carpet. It took quite a bit of black paint and I had to keep thinning it out as I went so it would flow like frosting. That did the trick!!

Use a decorating tip, edge with shells, scallops or what ever else you come up with.
NOW, the really fun part. Add spiders and cake topper using Household Goop (any drugstore). Let everything dry. Then spray with a clear lacquer finish.

Dead wedding cake!

Awesome Halloween Bridal Cake



Halloween Costume Mania!!

What to wear for Halloween??

Is this the one?

Fairy Costume

Going to a Halloween party? Trying to find the perfect costume? How do you choose?? There are so many!!


Mental Patient Costume Guess it’s not PC complaint anymore

All I can say is “Don’t wait until the last minute”.

Mummy costume

Mummy Costume This one is a bit short!!! But it glows in the dark!

Since I own a costume shop, I seem to think that I can wait until the last minute! I suppose if anyone can pull that off, it would be someone who owned 5,000 costumes! So for some reason I think that I can just pull something out and go. It’s logical, in it’s own way! But, there is always some problem with the way something fits.

Black and Purple Witch Costume

Witch Costume Too Cutsie!

Especially as you age and find that you just don’t look as cute in that costume as you thought you should!

Cute Halloween Costume!

Minnie Mouse Costume This one might do!

This is what I call “Trying to find something in 20 minutes and hit the road”.

Sexy Eve Costume

Eve Costume I like this one too!

You will see the result of that as one pile decreases and the other pile grows as I toss them aside.

Find a Halloween Costume

Marvin Martian Costume It’s cute too but I am not feeling it!

Erte 1910 Costume

Fairy Costume Pretty!

Deluxe Bling Fairy Costume

Sexy Fairy Costume

Did I actually end up wearing any of those choices? Yes, I ended up wearing the Peach Fairy Costume. I guess I felt like flitting about!

Fantasy Costumes

Deluxe fairy costumes!

Halloween Crafts? To do or not to do?

Halloween Decorations

So many fun craft ideas on Pinterest for Halloween! One of my favs was the glow in the dark lawn ghosts made from chicken wire.

Floating Lawn Ghosts

Lawn Ghosts that glow in the dark

Looks easy! Cheap supplies! Just some chicken wire and glow paint. Well let me tell you!
Not so easy! I decided to make a small one first to get the pattern down.

What I found was that the chicken wire did not want to conform to the needed person shape with a full skirt. I thought that I could just take a 3rd of the chicken wire and squeeze it with my hands to form the waist. Then cut it down at the top and shape the bodice. Then shape the skirt. I really tried to make this work! I design costumes, so it should be easy! Then I threw it in the corner! There it sat for 2 days while I stared at it. Ok, let’s try again…

So what needs to be done is 2 pieces. One for the bodice and one for the skirt. Then hook them together at the waist.
Glowing Ghosts

Small hanging Glow Ghost for Halloween

Now for the glow paint. Ever try painting onto a thin piece of wire and get coverage? We tried the spray, then the roller. Painstakingly we finally finished a small ghost. And we wanted life size ones??? So call me crazy, but I underestimate those seemingly easy craft ideas all of the time

Halloween Craft

Fun glowing ghost for Halloween


Halloween Makeup DIY’s


Wow, this page has tons of makeup ideas for Halloween or just going out. Tons of DIY Makeup with Instructions

Do you want Horror makeup? There are some pretty scary one in this tutorial. Like this one:

Ripped Face Makeup

DIY on this makeup job. Half of the face missing makeup.

Or for some Sugar Skull Makeup, just look at this one:

Halloween, Day of the Dead Makeup

DIY for Sugar Skull Makeup

And they list for you all of the products needed for the job. Plus the order to make it in! Sometimes just that much of a hint and I can go from there!

Maybe some Fantasy eye makeup for Parties, Mardi Gras or just plain fun?

Fantasy Eye Makeup DIY

Stunning eye makeup with feathers.

That was just 3 of the many ideas listed! So check them out by following the link and see what you are inspired to do!