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Ben Nye Makeup Clown White.
Premier supplier of clown makeup.
Highly pigmented stunning white formula
is a favorite among professionals. Active clowns
prefer Ben Nye Makeup Clown White's soft, easy to apply texture and bright,
long-wearing finish.
8 oz. size
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Krumping & Stepping white face makeup.
Clown makeup should always be set with a setting powder.
The reason that you set your makeup, is for a matte finish,
it has an anti-perspirant base, and most of all - your colors don't run together.
Have you ever seen a clown that looks like they are melting?
They did not set their makeup!
Our suggestion is to set your white's with Super White Setting Powder
and set your colors with Neutral Set Powder.
We have also heard that a Final Seal Spray at the end has a nice final set to it.
Use a Powder Puff for your powders. Here is how you use a powder puff.
You sprinkle your powder onto the puff and then rub it into the puff
until it disappears. Then pat the packed Powder Puff onto your face.
  • Model: CW-4


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Currently Viewing Product 9 of 31

Fantasyland; 1998