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Ben Nye Makeup CASTOR SEALER. Apply over latex to apply makeup smoothly.
Why do I need this item if I am using Latex?
It is used for slip rubber or latex pieces
or applications on the skin. Eliminates the need for rubber mask grease
and prevents discoloration when creme makeups are applied.
To effectively put makeup on latex, this needs to go on first.
Put a small amount on a cotton ball and rub on the latex that is getting color on it.
Then add makeup, set with setting powder. If you just use the makeup straight
onto the latex, you see all of the pores of the latex. Similar to putting makeup on alligator skin!
Use Ben Nye Makeup Castor Sealer and you will have a smooth even application of makeup.
KS-0 1 OZ CASTOR SEALER, KS-00 .5 OZ CASTOR SEALER, KS-1 2 OZ CASTOR SEALER, KS-2 8 OZ CASTOR SEALER                                                                               
  • Model: KS

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