Beautiful Body Art


                            BEAUTIFUL BODY ART


Body Art with Liquid Paints

There are so many things I want to try out there. And beautiful body art is one of them. It is beautiful and artistic. Beautiful Body Art! Such creativeness! Body painting is an old art full of fun designs and colors. Liquid Paint makes it easy!

I have seen interesting ones like the one above, to painted on swim suits, clothes, and even a watermelon baby bump. So fun! I want to do it! To look at other cool full body painting go to

To order paint to air brush on your own cool designs go to

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Body Art

  1. WOW – that is one seriously beifuautl card – I’ll pop over to the lady’s blog to have a nose and see what she used. fabulous colouring and now I can’t get that ruddy song out of my head again lol! hugs Karen x

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